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I believe in the power of stories.
Stories are how we understand ourselves and the wo
rld around us.

They connect us to each other.

They help us define who we are in a confusing and often lonely world.

Esther Takac_edited.jpg

In my day job as a child and adult psychologist I listen to the stories people tell about themselves and help them find and nurture the story they want to tell. Every day I see how powerful personal stories are in framing people’s lives.  You can visit my psychology practice website here.

I’m also an author and filmmaker which is where I get to do the storytelling.  Some of the stories I’ve created have taken on a life of their own and become programs for change.

Narrow Bridge Thistle_edited.jpg

scene from THE NARROW BRIDGE feature film

'We meet on the steps of the story'

Jeanette Winterson

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