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Harry's Journey to Hospital Land

Therapeutic storybook


HARRY'S JOURNEY TO HOSPITAL LAND is a therapeutic storybook, with delightful illustrations by Silvia Cabib, that empowers children and their families in their journey through hospital.

'Going to hospital can be strange and a bit scary. Everything is so different! The doctors with their stethoscopes, the machines that beep, the other children in bandages, the noises and lights when you're trying to sleep, the food, the people you meet, even the strange medical language the doctors and nurses speak.​  It's all so different it's rather like being in a different land - Hospital Land!'

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When people travel to a foreign land they often take a travel guide to help them find their way. It tells you what to expect and how to behave. So ‘HARRY'S JOURNEY TO HOSPITAL LAND’ and the ‘PARENTS GUIDE TO HOSPITAL LAND’ are both such travel guides - helping children and adults find their way in hospital. 


The idea of a ‘Journey To Hospital Land’ helps change the focus of the hospital experience away from being scary and unpleasant to a sort of adventure. It shifts the focus for children and parents from a sense of helplessness to empowerment, from being passive to being active, from negatives to positives. 


All travellers set out on their journey not knowing exactly where it will lead them. Sometimes it’s only when we journey away from the things we know that we learn new things about the world, and ourselves. 

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'Harry thought of all the different lands he dreamed of visiting - Iceland and China and Brazil.
Hospital Land had never been on his list!'


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