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Bridge Builders


The BRIDGE BUILDERS Social Change Program builds on the recently completed and award winning documentary The Narrow Bridge.

The program will leverage the documentary, and its associated educational resources, to minimise stereotypes and demonisation, increase empathy for the other and develop pathways to conflict resolution and reconciliation. It will allow the film and associated resources to be used as a powerful social change tool by community groups, NGO’s, adult, university and high school education centres around the world and in Israel and the Palestinian Territories.

"We were extremely fortunate at Denison University to be able to screen Esther Takac's deeply thought-provoking film, The Narrow Bridge, followed by a discussion with the director. In contrast to one-sided, purely political narratives about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, this film humanizes the conflict, illustrating in a hopeful way the power of grassroots movements to bridge divides and bring people together. Our students found the film riveting, and it aligned perfectly with Denison's desire to help students think in new ways about dialogue across difference and conflict resolution."

Dr. Adam Davis
Director of the Lisska Center for Intellectual Engagement
Denison University

The BRIDGE BUILDERS Social Change Program seeks to increase awareness and communication about about people-to-people peacebuilding projects, a factor identified by Lucy Kurtzer-Ellenbogen (Director of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict program at United States Institute of Peace) to be vital in empowering and growing these peacebuilding projects.

The aims of the BRIDGE BUILDERS Social Change Program are to:


  • Promote intercultural understanding


  • Offer a model of pathways to reconciliation and conflict resolution


  • Develop knowledge about the effects of trauma and the possibility of post traumatic growth


  • Nurture hope for a just and secure future for both Palestinians and Israelis

Esther Takac Website - Building Bridges - Banner.png

scene from THE NARROW BRIDGE feature film

'This is how to use your pain to build a bridge between people.'

Bassam Aramin in THE NARROW BRIDGE

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