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I love writing – it’s one of the times when I feel I’m really in the flow – immersed in the creativity of the moment. Writing stretches me in many different directions, especially as the books I’ve written cross different genres. The process of writing draws me to being open to and aware of the poetry of life, exploring and describing the texture of being in the world, and then grappling with the challenge of finding the right words to express it. 


In my experience to be a writer you have to be passionate, but you also have to be really stubborn, dogged even, to persevere with those writing projects you have in your mind. It’s like my creative projects’ logo - GRIT & Grace Media. Because you need so much GRIT to keep going. You have to be annoyingly tenacious and resilient and steadfast and not give up - even after multiple setbacks. 


But you also need Grace. There’s a risk of being so overtaken by the GRIT that you lose the Grace – the softness, the vulnerability, the kindness and compassion, the depth and layered dappled approach to things. May we all be blessed by both GRIT and Grace.

Esther Takac author

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Loni and the Moon
Jacob a World of Faces
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illustration from Loni and the Moon.

'Some stories you just can’t shake. You become them. You inhabit them. They helix their way into your flesh and blood. As a writer, then, the only way forward is to share them.'

Colum McCann

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