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I come from a crazy family – so I became a child and adult psychologist.  I’ve always had lots of stories swimming around in my mind – so I became an author.  Those stories keep coming to me visually, in images – so I became a filmmaker.

Films is such an immersive storytelling experience. Films invite people to suspend disbelief and invest themselves in a story - even if it falls far outside their everyday lives and deep-rooted perspectives.

The projects I've worked on always start from being powerfully moved by something. My films try to explore the complexity and intimacy of people’s lives, the beauty and pain of our experiences.


LUMINOUS - PEOPLE OF THE BOOK - seven short films

NIA'S SONG - in development

Click on the images for each film below to learn more about it.

The Narrow Bridge Poster - November 2023.jpg
Luminous SLV.jpg
Nia's Song 2.png

scene from THE NARROW BRIDGE feature film

'All good ideas start out as bad ideas, that's why it takes so long'

Steven Spielberg

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