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Programs for Change

The arts are well recognised for their power in sparking social change. To nurture that change, creatives and changemakers need to identify, define and develop strategies to create their desired positive outcomes through social impact programs.

It is well known that documentaries such as THE NARROW BRIDGE are a powerful medium for social change. Documentaries introduce new narratives and cultural moments, opening the space for change to happen. Furthermore, the visual power of film allows audiences to grasp the human stories behind divisive issues, prompting them to engage and act. As a highly democratic accessible medium, a strong documentary together with a well-designed impact campaign, is a powerful tool for spearheading social change.

Click the image below for more detail about the BRIDGE BUILDERS Social Change Program, inspired by the recently completed and award-winning documentary, The Narrow Bridge.

IMG_1829 copy 2.jpg

scene from THE NARROW BRIDGE feature film

Along with film, therapeutic stories and programs with targeted resources also contribute to social change.  ‘MY JOURNEY TO HOSPITAL LAND’ is a therapeutic program that supports and empowers children and their families during their stay in hospital.

‘The story is designed to empower paediatric patients, offering coping strategies and enabling children to perceive themselves as having the skills to manage difficult situations. The character in the story, a young boy who is uncertain and anxious as he is sent to hospital, is someone children can identify with. Like him they may miss their bedroom at home, their family and pets, and like him they may also be surprised to discover the different people they will meet in hospital. By familiarising the child with the routines and procedures in hospital these become more predictable and the child gains a sense of control. The Parents’ Guide provides reassuring ideas for how parents can best help their child through the hospitalisation experience and the Hospital Land website with it digital passport adds an extra fun and therapeutic resource.‘  Dr. Lionel Lubitz - Consultant Paediatrician (retired), Dept of General Medicine, Royal Children’s Hospital and Associate Professor (Clinical), Dept of Paediatrics, University of Melbourne.

Click the image below for more detail about the 'MY JOURNEY TO HOSPITAL LAND' program.

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scene from THE NARROW BRIDGE feature film

'Social impact is a significant positive change that addresses a pressing social challenge.'

University of Michigan's Center for Social Impact

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