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The Narrow Bridge

from conflict to understanding
from trauma to hope


Since October 7th, 2023, the world is reeling with horror, despair and alarming polarisation at the terrible trauma and loss of life in Israel and Gaza.  We urgently need to see there is another way. THE NARROW BRIDGE is an eye-opening journey into the souls of Palestinian and Israeli women and men who lost a child or parent in the conflict. Yet instead of responding with hate and anger, Bushra, Rami, Meytal and Bassam are transforming their grief into a bridge for reconciliation.

The film follows their paths from devastating trauma to courageous activism. But their stories are not just personal. They all belong to a controversial grassroots movement of broken-hearted people ‘Israeli Palestinian Bereaved Families’ who stand side-by-side to end the violence and build a future based on dignity and equality. Despite fierce political and family opposition, they refuse to give up, even with the current devastation. Bushra, Rami, Meytal and Bassam all wish they could turn back time to before tragedy struck, but they would never change who they have become.

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As the film’s director, and a child and adult trauma psychologist,  I’ve been consulting with Israelis and Palestinians in a Jerusalem hospital regularly over the last twelve years. I’ve met and filmed with Meytal, Bassam, Rami and Bushra many times, developing a collaborative and trusting relationship with them, and with the Israeli-Palestinian Bereaved Families organisation.

THE NARROW BRIDGE follows the journeys of these four courageous people. Meytal, Bassam, Rami and Bushra are compelling individuals; articulate, passionate and frank. They have all experienced enormous conflict in their lives and want to speak out despite fierce opposition. Each of them has travelled a hero’s journey with a transformation that is startling and complex, making for a powerful film.


Through the experiences of these four people the film explores universal themes: What happens when you meet the human face of your enemy? How do our multiple identities (personal, national, religious) impact our relationships?  Why do some people actually grow after trauma?

As we follow these four individuals through aching loss, internal struggles and courageous shifts in thinking, the film explores who they used to be, who they are now and how the experience of trauma changed them. Across their journeys, we witness them rise above their pain with astounding strength and compassion. 

In a conflict where narratives clash and the suffering of the other is often dismissed, THE NARROW BRIDGE is committed to being balanced, fair and informed. Palestinian and Israeli cinematographers filmed up close and personal with the four participants, a woman and a man from each side of the conflict, with footage from Bet Jalla and Bet Uma in the Palestinian territories and Jerusalem and the Ayalon Valley in Israel.

To visit the film's official website, click here.



To date the film has screened at over 30 international film festivals and won a range of awards including for Direction, Audience Award x 3, Women Filmmakers, Outstanding Excellence and more.


'THE NARROW BRIDGE is a compelling, profound and graceful film. It is a beautifully crafted story that traces four courageous journeys from terrible pain and loss to understanding and hope. In a dark world, hope shines through.'  Colum McCann - international bestselling author


'Very moving and well-told story of brave individuals pushing through pain - you managed the almost-impossible in the context of covering this conflict: Balance.'  Lucy Kurtzer-Ellenbogen - US Institute of Peace


'THE NARROW BRIDGE takes us on a complex, deeply moving journey – from darkness and despair, towards the glimmer of light and hope. Everyone should watch, hear, and reflect upon this powerful and inspiring film.'  Alex Skovron - Award winning poet, writer, editor

'THE NARROW BRIDGE is a powerful, nuanced, and unforgettable film – beautifully scripted, tightly constructed, balanced, never exploitative or gratuitous.'  Michaela Kalowski - Interviewer, Moderator, Curator

'From conflict to understanding, from trauma to hope, I walked the Narrow Bridge and I wept.' Richard Moore - Director of Melbourne International Film Festival and Brisbane International Film Festival (2006-2016)

More reviews can be read on the 'Comments' and 'Media' pages of film's official website, available here and here


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scene from THE NARROW BRIDGE feature film

‘a radical, unique and holy response to human suffering’  

Leonard Cohen – from THE NARROW BRIDGE

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