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Loni and the Moon

Premier's Reading List


One night Loni is woken by 'the biggest, roundest yellowest moon he had ever seen'. As he opens the window to let the moon shine in right on his face, he hears a voice like the waves lapping on the seashore...

'Come and climb up my moonbeam. I have a story to tell you about the night you were born.'

Placed on the Victorian Premier's Reading List since publication LONI AND THE MOON with magical illustrations by Anna Pignataro weaves a story of dream and reality, inside and outside. During his lunar adventure Loni sits side by side with the moon, learns of a special moon blessing and whooshes down through the night sky on a moonbeam slide. He discovers 'the difference between seeing by the sunlight, which shines on the outside of things, and seeing by the moonlight, which shines on the inside of things, into their heart,' (as based on Kabbalah, the Jewish mystical tradition).

Loni and the Moon


'The sort of bedtime story that the sweetest dreams are made of - for the grown up doing the reading as well as for the child who listens.' Newcastle Herald


'As Loni climbs the moonbeam in his pyjamas, the soft watercolor illustrations capture the special whimsical, dreamlike quality of the text - a perfect story to share!' Reading Time


'Featuring a large luminescent moon, the story guides children to look at the inside of things rather than just their superficial shell.' Every Child


'A warm and affectionate book...Birth is rarely mentioned in picture books, and it is a delight here to feel the joy of it.' Australian Book Review


'A playful richly imaginative story enhanced by painterly illustrations.' Australian Jewish News

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illustration from LONI AND THE MOON

'Come and climb up my moonbeam. I have a story to tell you about
the night you were born'


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